Millionaire Trader
21st & 22nd June, 2018
Trend Following – the way to Wealth Creation
It is common knowledge that the best money is made when the markets are trended. In a trended market nothing works more than Trend Following systems. All wealth made by most world renowned traders had a major portion of their portfolio in Trend Following methods. Trend Following mode of trading not only gives one a freedom of time but also freedom of location – one can trade from any part of the world!

Markets offer incredible trending opportunities every year to generate a passive source of income. But to capture these opportunities one needs proper systems in place. At Millionaire Trader, you will discover -
  1. Trend Following Systems based on – (a) Price Action (b) Moving Averages (c) Price Channels and (d) Price Patterns.
    Technical Analysis a subject so vast, there are thousands of Trend Following systems. But simplicity being one of the core values at Malkansview we have chosen the simplest, most effective and “Anybody-can-do-it” kind of systems.
  2. Psychological check points before you embark on a Trend Following journey –
    Though simple & easy, it may be highly challenging to follow the rules. The cliché "cut short your losses" & "let your profits run" needs to be applied to the hilt in this case. This could be easier said than done. Hence the need for a psychological drill.
  3. The right way to optimize your returns when the trend really gets going.
    The old adage goes “make hay while the sun shines”. It is not enough to just catch a trend – one needs to optimize that opportunity by scaling up one’s position to the optimal level without increasing exposure to additional risk.
And much more!
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21st & 22nd June, 2018
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