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Vishal is the co-founder of Malkansview Training Institute Private Limited. He is a Master Trainer in the areas of technical analysis, trading psychology and personal motivation. Having been a trader since the age of 16 years, Vishal has been through all thick and thins of the stock market until he finally achieved success as a trader. Since then, he has taken up the cause of helping others to become professional traders.


After working at a corporate house for more than half a decade, Meghana decided to break free from the shackles. Migrating from a law background into the stock market was a culture shock to her. But she learned all the things that the stock market had to offer and broke her myths and preconceived notions about the market.

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You get only one Life and one Chance,
so PLAY BIG !!
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Coaching & Mentoring
The Mentor Program
The Ultimate Program to become a Professional Trader
All of us need a Mentor / Guide / Coach to achieve our goals and realize our dreams. We need someone who knows the game thoroughly. Malkansview offers "Trader In Me" which covers the important aspects of successful trading.
Seminars & Workshops
Millionaire Trader
Trend Following - the way to Wealth Creation
Markets offer incredible trending opportunities every year to generate a passive source of income. At Million Trader, you will discover (a) TF System based on Price- action, MA & Time Neutral charts (b) Psychology check points (c)the right way to optimize your returns when the trend really gets going.
Star Trader
Momentum Trading for Big Winnings
There are thousands of trade opportunities but not every trade is the same. At star trader, you will learn to identify stocks with high momentum using unconventional concepts of momentum indicators, You will discover how do you rate your trades between 7-star to 3-star.
Money Flow Trader
Regular Income with Short Term Trading
The stock market is flooded with unlimited opportunities on a daily basis. With just a few trading techniques, one can take advantage of these opportunities and generate a regular money flow. At the Money Flow Trader, you will learn (a) How to take low risk-high reward trades (b) 2. Unconventional usage Trendlines and Trend Channels and more.
Options Mastery
Trade Options like a Pro
Options' trading was introduced in the year 2000. Yet most traders resist trading options due to the complex Options terminology. In Options Mastery, you will discover (a) The basic essentials and benefits of trading options (b) Option trading along with unconventional usage of momentum indicators (c) Trading options with volatility bands and more.
Anybody Can Trade
How Stock Trading can be a Full-Time Profession
Most people stay away from stock markets due to fear of losing money or market volatility or lack of knowledge or preconceived notions about stock market like gamble, manipulated, risky, etc. But the fact is that thousands of people survive on stock trading as a career leaving aside their main profession, be it a doctor, lawyer, engineer or a marketing professional.
Malkansview Traders' Club
Malkansview Traders' Club is an initiative to bring together all the mentor students of our Institute, past and present. The intention of the club is to share knowledge and experience amongst all fellow students.
Next Meet : Saturday, 23rd June 2018
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Testimonials   |    from Malkansview Students
Tetimonial Image 1
Vaibhav Panchal
IT Professional
Mentor Student
Tetimonial Image 1
Asmita patel
MBA Student
Mentor Student
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Payal Jain
marketing Professional
Mentor Student
Tetimonial Image 1
Tapan Bhatia
Trader / Investor
Mentor Student
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Akash Parikh
CFA Student
Mentor Student
Training Videos   |    from Malkansview
Volume Analysis
RSI - Unconventional Usage - Small Part of our Advance Program
Concept of Loss in Trading - Vishal B Malkan, Trading Coach
Thumb Rules of Trading
Process of Successful Trading
My Story - Vishal B Malkan
Why Malkansview?
Goal Setting
RSI - Unconventional Usage Part 1
RSI - Unconventional Usage Part 2
Podcasts   |    Trading Legends
Steve Burns
Steve Burns
Michael Covel
Michael Covel
Andrew Cardwell
Andrew Cardwell
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Anybody Can Trade
Star Trader Program
Millionaire Trader Program
Options Mastery Program
Money Flow Trader Program
Malkansview Traders' Club
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